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CEO & Founder

We have developed Block Farms to find an effective, comfortable, simple, and viable way to implement agriculture in urban spaces and other places where it would not usually be possible to work it, using hydroponic crops in different ways. It is a project that encompasses a love for technological advances in vertical farming, agriculture, bio-economy, sustainability, and ecology.

Our purpose as a company is to seek technological solutions to bring agriculture to all corners of the world, based on hydroponic crops as an alternative form of food production, without dedicating large land areas for this purpose. The idea is that consumers can find fresh products grown locally and under the highest quality standards.
We know that a large part of the arable land today is already in use. In the coming decades, urbanization never seen before in history is expected, which will imply that more than 80% of the human population lives in cities, which in turn, it will lead to severe food shortages. The fight against this serious problem must begin today, and for that Block Farms was born.

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