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Got Mint? Pack

Got Mint? Pack

Got Mint? The Perfect Pack for #mintlovers

What includes?

  • 2oz of Mint (Yerbabuena) local & fresh, harvested the same day.
  • 1oz of peppermint essential oil.
  • Use your peppermint oil with the Mist Sprayer.
  • ....surprise ;) !


  • You will be receiving recipes to know what to do with fresh mint, from a refreshing mojito, a mint tea and how to incorporate mint into delicious food recipes.
  • The essential oil of peppermint will help you with congestion, allergy among other benefits. You can also use it in a diffuser at home.
  • The Mist Sprayer can be used with oil (1-2 drops) and also with alcohol to disinfect cell phones, buttons on lifts, hands, etc.
  • Tip for surprise? You will know what you have to do;)

* Deliveries Area Metro Friday and Saturday 9 am-6pm.

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